The strength of a woman is undeniable, and when she puts on her favorite pair of shoes, she feels like the superwoman she is. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to women's thought is that every woman wants to look good and to have that confidence and strength not only on the inside but also projected on the outside. Believe it or not, but foot ware plays a significant role in the determination of a woman; whether you're in 6-inch high-heels, flats, platforms, or wedges, a woman can't get enough of their shoes. You seem to want more and more every time. Studies have shown that the average woman has between 17-27 pairs of shoes. It is just an average remember that, and it's hard to find women that have never heard of "Carrie Bradshaw" the ultimate shoes and fashion girl from "sex and the city.". For decades many women have been trying to copy her style, although a fictional character she truly embodied this person that most women aspire to be, especially her to die for shoe collection. Let us explore some reasons why women are just head over heels for their shoes.

Confidence is your Armor
A woman's invisible armor is her confidence. Although mentioned above, you have to recognize how important faith is. When a woman armors herself with her beautiful classic pumps, knee-high boots, or thong slippers, she feels empowered with confidence, like she's ready to face anything the world will throw at her. The way people think makes a big difference in attitude, and if she feels impressive, chances are you will know it as well. She'll have her head up, back straight, let's go on to see how the right pair of shoes can improve posture.

Great Posture
Sitting up straight is something our parents have been telling us since adolescence but, did we really listen to them? Most of us probably didn't and paying for it now. When you wear the right shoes, it can help your posture tremendously. Many women recognize this, and it's also part of the reason women have so many shoes because every pair has a different purpose. Sometimes you see these women that have 6-inch heels on, and their back is perfectly straight. Now, that's a woman that has a fantastic posture.

Perky Bottom
It used to be a secret, but it's out there now, and we have to talk about it. Many women wear heels to perk up their bottoms. When it comes to loving shoes, this has got to be a great reason. Imagine you hear a pencil skirt, and it looks good, and after you put on your heels, your booty says hello to you. It's incredible how something so small can make such a big difference to a woman's confidence and how she looks.

Makes you look Taller/Shorter
It's no secret sometimes women just want to appear taller, an easy fix for this is beautiful high heels. What is there not to love about heels. On the other hand, if you want to look a little shorter if you are a tall girl, grab some flats and call it a day. Shoes are a lifesaver for those tough moments.

Long Long Legs
It's all about the legs; if you have long legs, you're already there but, if you don't, you might want to consider figuring what shoes you should be wearing to elongate your legs. Long legs make you look fantastic, and the right pair of shoes can make you have the illusion of long legs. Sometimes you have to fake it but just be on point.

Conversation starter
One of the first things a woman will notice on another woman is their shoes. Which calls for a great conversation starter. Bonding overshoes can bring people together. Next time you walk past someone with fabulous shoes, compliment them you don't know where it'll lead.

Have a Complete Outfit
A pair of shoes can make magic happen; an incomplete outfit is a little bit underwhelming. Finding the right pair of shoes can complete an out. Whether it's boots, flats, heels, or pumps, you can always dress it up or down. Fashion is your creation. However, you want to dress casual or elegant just don't forget to complete the look with a great pair of shoes.

Style statement
When you walk out of your house, make sure people know you mean business. Well, something along those lines. You want your style to reflect in your shoes. Maybe you aren't a heels everyday woman, but on the other hand, you love boots and flats. Showcase your style and let the world know who you are.

Make Your Outfit Look Expensive
Most women know how to make themselves look good and know how to elevate their outfit to look expensive, even if the cost was average. Women have an eye for fashion, and shoes enable you to have those options.

Huge Variety
A big reason why women love shoes so much is that there is so much variety to choose from. There are shoes for every occasion you can think of. Want to go to a summer music festival, get yourself the most comfortable sandals or combat boots. Experiencing winter blues, that's comfortable boots will do the trick. Are you going out for dinner? Some classic high-heels are always there for the taking. Experiment with your shoes, there are so many to choose from.

Size doesn't matter
A little extra weight never hurt anyone; that's what they say. Well, if shoes could talk they would tell you the same thing also. Gaining some weight will not change your shoe size. Clothes, on the other hand, that's a different story. As for shoes, you can still own it on the catwalk. Shoes are very forgiving; you should always welcome forgiveness anytime in your home.

Another essential aspect to remember is that shoes don't discriminate your size. Whether a size zero or a size 30, beautiful shoes will look great on anyone without question, in this aspect, shoes are universal, almost like one size can fit all.

Collector's item
Shoes have the potential to be an invaluable commodity; just ask the men that collect sneakers. Women that recognize this will buy shoes projecting. It might be worth something one day, even if it's not their size. Sometimes a shoe line will have a limited shoe collection, and before you know it, it could quadruple in value in a few years. Don't sell it though, display it in your homes like a gallery or museum.

Women love shoes that will never go out of style, such as a classic heel. Seasons may come and go, but the perfect footwear will be accessible all year round. Those are the shoes that go with everything; mostly, a woman can have a pair last a lifetime and even pass it on to the next generation.

Your Shoes Tell a story
Women have a way about them that screams" express yourself." they wear their hearts on their sleeve in every aspect of their life. Let's say; You feel happy today; you might put on a bright pair of pumps. For the times when you want to add some drama to your outfit, maybe put on a bold color heel. When you leave your home, do it with purpose. What you wear today might inspire those around you to tell a style story of their own, maybe.

Amazing Retail Therapy
Every time a woman buys a pair of shoes, her dopamine level increases. It's a natural high that makes you feel good. Let us be honest here, and many women are buying themselves shoes not because they have but, on the contrary, they just want to. There's also so many to choose from; this means they'll be happy forever.

Women are like chameleons; you can adapt to anything that life throws at you. A sincere belief about shoes comes from the fact that woman can have many styles in their wardrobe and shoes is a big part of that. Some of these fashion icons that women look up to have paved the way for them to be more expressive and to take risks; because style is not one dimensional. Although you might not have 200 pairs of shoes, you keep a keen eye on new shoe trends all the time with magazines, shopping, and word of mouth. As we explored earlier, a great pair of shoes isn't just about feeling amazing on the outside but also plays a significant role in how you feel inside. Whether you tell the story of an ageless or elegant shoe or about the pump that makes you feel confident and comfortable, you're still talking about shoes. If women want to love their shoes just stare from afar, she knows exactly what she's doing. That shoe confidence is a real thing.

December 21, 2019 — Daniel

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