Unlike clothing, shoes can go from season to season, year after year, and continue to look fashionable and in style. Not only are shoes a staple to a great wardrobe, but they can also be the crowning item in a stunning outfit, and can change the entire feel of your look, simply by going from boots to heels.

Although it is common for certain styles of shoes to remain timeless, there is always a new spin on an older look to consider. If you adore your stiletto heels, by all means, consider trying a pair of ornate heels this season to spice up your usual look. If you are more of a combat boot type, check out some new colors, or heel height on your boots for a little additional flavor.

The best part about trending shoe styles is that they have evolved from a shoe style that we are comfortable with. The shoes you have come to know and love didn’t really go out with the season, they just adopted a new flavor that will enhance your wardrobe.

Often, in fashion, and specifically in footwear, we see a recycling effect when it comes to trending styles. Though they can't all be our favorite looks coming back to the forefront, it does happen once in a few rotations. It seems as though this season's hottest footwear has been spotted before, and has come back better than when we shelved it last. Here are some of the most often spotted footwear trends for women in the U.S. for the upcoming season:

The Black and White Cowboy Boot


This look is a mix of timeless classic meets new funk. From ankle bootie to full length to kneecap, this is definitely a bold statement in a boot. Designs are being spotted ranging from white dots on black leather, to white floral on black satin. This look can be paired with jeans for a toned-down, "focus on the boot" look, or played up with a patterned suit or skirt.

The White Kitten Heel Bootie

This look is being touted as the essential look for the upcoming season and with good reason. Jeans, skirts, maxi dresses, these kitten heel booties bring out the stylish in whatever look you're hoping to achieve. White is definitely all the rage right now, and these Kitten Heel Booties are the ultimate way to showcase your love for the white trend. The combination of kitten heel and bootie lend practicality to this shoe, while still allowing your playful side to be called to the forefront.

Straight Leg Boots

When you think of cold weather, you think of straight leg boots. Once known simply as “riding boots”, they are more than just cold weather friendly, they also lend a sexy look to short skirts, or can lend a stylish look to jeans or slacks. They are available in every heel height your heart desires, and just as many colors. Try a pair with a long, floral print dress for an upscale country look you can wear anywhere. The straight leg boot is a classic that simply keeps giving in terms of your look. This look can be paired with jeans for a toned-down, "focus on the boot" look, or played up with a patterned suit or skirt.


Ornate Heels

Gold, Crystal, Silver, oh my! From decorative embellishments to statement designed heels, ornate heels are a gorgeous and unique look you'll want to add to your wardrobe. Some of the more intricate designs spotted on ornate heels are skeleton key heels and stacked skulls as the spike heel, these ornate heels definitely refuse to blend in with the crowd. These heels are statement pieces and are guaranteed to turn heads, no matter where you wear them.

Square Toed Boots

Square toed boots are a time tested look that has been reinventing itself since the 1960s. It seems you can't find a bad time for a well designed square-toed boot. This season, they're ranging from fuscia to schoolbus yellow, in heights from ankle to above the knee for a diverse range of options in one of our old favorites. The fantastic thing about a square-toed boot is the ability to go from workplace to weekend without a footwear swap. This look can be paired with jeans for a toned-down, "focus on the boot" look, or played up with a patterned suit or skirt.

The Kitten Heeled Mule

Mules are awesome because they're an easy answer to the shoe dilemma, simply slide them on and go. Add a kitten heel to a mule, and that's an instant answer to "what shoe is sexy yet practical for my wardrobe this season?" Kitten heels are practical in the winter climate because they aren’t tall heels. The mule is a great answer to winter, with it’s closed-toe and friendliness to socks. This shoe is great with slacks, skirts, and any combination of work to the weekend you can dream up for your wardrobe.

 Combat Boots

Another rebirth of a classic, the combat boot has been a staple in the shoe concessioners closet for decades. This season will be yet another chapter in the combat boot saga, as we slip into the familiar look and feel of a go-to boot that has it all, from fashion to functionality. Who doesn’t remember their first pair of Doc Martens? Combat boots are great from your punk rock phase to military service, to just grabbing some groceries on a Thursday. This look can be paired with jeans for a toned-down, "focus on the boot" look, or played up with a patterned suit or skirt.


Chunky White Sneakers

All of our friends in the nursing field have had a leg up on us for years with the chunky white sneaker. If you're wearing them for comfort or for style, you can't go wrong with them in the upcoming season. They will complement a skirt, dress, a pair of jeans, or anything else you can throw their direction. We all know the classic white sneaker, but this chunky version is really making us want to trade out our heels for a nice, comfy pair of sneakers every once in a while. Also, the khaki and sneaker look has always been a classic. Make it a pair of chunky sneakers with khakis and a pullover for an updated timeless look.

Contrast Toe Boots

This is an interesting trend that has been spotted this season, and there is no shortage of styles for whatever your flavor. This boot is found in a variety of heights and has been witnessed in any color combination imaginable. In addition, a variety of prints with a solid color heel and toe offset have also been hitting the market. No matter what statement you are trying to make with your shoes, you are sure to find a pair of contrast toe boots that will help you say exactly what you’re thinking. This look can be paired with jeans for a toned-down, "focus on the boot" look, or played up with a patterned suit or skirt.


Platform Sandles with Ankle Straps

They may simply clasp at your ankle, or the straps may lace up your leg. They are just as versatile in platform height. With socks, with a maxi dress, or with slacks, there is no shortage of possible options when it comes to wearing these sandals. These sandals are apparently all the rage with the socked and sockless alike.


Overall, it appears as though boots are making a comeback in a big way. From the ankle height bootie to the over the knee form-fitted leather boot, combat boots to cowboy boots, and every type of boot in between, if you so desire the boot, someone, somewhere has designed it. This is wonderful news for those ladies already well versed in boots but can be somewhat challenging for those who are unsure of what to pair the boot with, or just how to pull off the look in general.


Embrace your personal style, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the styles on our list. Every one of the shoes listed here has been worn a multitude of ways, with a multitude of clothing, and still, come out looking fabulous.


In addition to being a staple to your wardrobe, one or more of these shoe styles can change the look of your typical Tuesday outfit. A different pair of shoes can dress up blue jeans, or dress down a skirt and blouse. The one constant rule with shoes is to be unafraid to try out a new style, and see how it flatters a style of clothing that you are already comfortable wearing. Don’t be afraid to dress up or dress down your style using shoes. The only pair of shoes that truly doesn’t compliment you is a pair of shoes that are binding, hurting, or rubbing blisters onto your little toes. All other shoes can definitely be worked into your closet.

December 27, 2019 — Daniel pvtdoe82@hotmail.com

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